It may be that you're breaking into the music business and need to promote yourself with a studio quality example of your singing, or maybe you would just like to have a fun day with a few friends and give some pleasure with a present of a CD to friends and family. Whatever your requirements, PRS can make it happen.
    Premier Recording Studios are located throughout the UK. Our engineers are skilled in many musical genres and are experienced in producing in all manner of musical styles up to professional levels. Each studio has the same common core principles and techniques but each also has their own unique skill set(s) that can be utilised according to our client's wishes. Discuss your requirements with your local studio
   The equipment used in every PRS studio differs considerably so endless lists of various equipment is, in our opinion not overly important or helpful, suffice to say that no matter if it's Pro tools on a Mac or Cubase on a PC, the end results are very similar - a professional quality product worthly of your musical talent and something you can be proud of.

X Factor Standard Package. (Every Karaoke singer's favourite!) 3 hour recording session.* Record 2 songs. Receive a CD plus two further copies of your polished performances to take away. When ordering your session please let us know if you have your own backing tracks. If you do, and intend to use them, then we ask that you send us a copy (either electronically or by post) after your session is confirmed. This will give us the opportunity of preparing the backing(s) for your session and avoid any technical issues of incompatibility or data read issues. If you do not have your own backing tracks then we will do our very best to source them for you. (A small cost will be incurred for this service).
    If we supply the backing tracks to you, or even if you intend to use your own, you should spend enough time and practice them fully, (which we always recommend - even the London Symphony Orchestra rehearses!) We will send them to you in plenty of time, so factor this into your calculations for when you choose your recording day; giving yourself that time to practice.  
   Remember to select songs that you definitely know that are in a vocal range that you're comfortable with. If you need to strain to reach those upper notes, we can help put you in tune but it will still sound strained. Likewise, if a song is too low this will affect the voice in a similar way often robbing it of all projection and tone. We can, in exceptional circumstances, alter the pitches of the backing track but this will need to be discussed on a song by song basis. Remember: Rehearse over and over the songs you want to record. The session should be a place for getting your takes 'in the can', not for practicing. The time you spend in preparation will help to improve results.

*Although your session lasts for 3 hours, 30 minutes (average) is required by the engineer to mix and master your performance(s) and burn CD's.
A typical session plan would be roughly as follows.

  • Welcome by Studio Engineer,
  • Overview of equipment and the Recording process. (15 mins)
  • Vocal warm up and level checks. (15 mins)
  • Record first song. (45 mins)
  • Comfort break and drink. (15mins)
  • Record second song. (45 mins)
  • Engineer to mix and master your performances and burn 3 CD's (30 mins)
For those that have added up all the timings above, you will notice this comes to 2 hrs and 45 minutes. We have allocated 15minutes as a contingency.
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