Although PRS has as its primary focus, the recording of Karaoke based singers, we do have considerable experience and expertise in aspects of the music business. Listed below is a brief snapshot of some of our other services, taken from previous real-world projects. These, of course, are not the full extent of our capabilities, so if you need something special, please discuss your requirements with a member of staff.

  • Instrumentalists
  • Singer/Songwriters
  • Voice Overs
  • Session Musicians
  • Music Typesetting
  • Audio Transcription
  • Tuition
  • Project Management/Musical Director
  • Remote/Location recording

 Instrumentalists. No matter what style or what instrument, there are many reasons to want to capture a performance. Many music books nowadays include a CD of backing tracks to enable the performer to play along with. PRS have specialist engineers who are classically trained and fluent sight readers; instrumentalists selecting this package will have a first class musician/engineer to encourage them to give their best performance(s) possible. If a backing track does not exist for a instrumentalist's chosen piece, one can be created from the piano accompaniment. Examples
Singer/Songwriters. PRS, has a wide variety of equipment available for hire to Singer/Songwriters. With access to the Control room, Live area and if required, our Engineer(s), clients have control over every aspect of their music making.


Voice Overs. Should the project require it, Jingle production for example, we have experienced voice over artists (Male and Female) who cover a wide range of styles, accents and ages as well as regional dialects and foreign accents.

  Session/Studio Musicians. If you're a producer and/or composer who feels your work would benefit from additional live performances. Sessions musicians can be supplied to play over your work; Overdubs or Soloing.

How does it work? Clients send their work in to us, as a WAV or MP3 and then discuss their requirements with our experienced staff arrangers.
After consultantion proper musical parts, voiced correctly can be produced for each instrument. PRS will record and send to the client unprocessed, hi-resolution 24bit mono and/or stereo wav files with the accompaning sheet music in PDF format.

                               Copyright is assigned to the Client.                                Examples
     Music Typesetting If you're a Cabaret artist who uses band charts as part of your performance, you may wish to redo your dogeared, tatty hand-written charts into easy to read professionally typeset arrangements.

Having good looking, correct charts makes the job of the musicians backing you a lot easier which in turn minimises reading errors especially when the band call turns into a talk through.

  Audio Transcriptions No matter what style, Audio transcriptions can be made of any musical style and reproduced as either MIDI (GM/Client specific), Audio (WAV/MP3) or Sheet Music (Score/Parts)

This service is very popular with those clients intending to 'do the boats'.      Examples


One to one tutition is available for those wishing to better understand their computer based Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and/or Musical Typesetting Software.

DAW software supported topics include ProTools, Cubase, Logic and Sonar.
Topics covered include:- Configuration, MIDI programming, Audio recording, VST instruments, Effects, Mixing and Mastering.

Sibelius and Finale users will cover topics such as, Note entry, Editing, Adding Symbols, Layout, Instrument Transposition, Formatting and Audio playback configuration options.

Project Management & Musical Director
If there is a major project that requires professional assitance then PRS can help. With years of experience of Cabaret, Musical Theatre, Pantomime, Concerts, and working in Radio or Television mediums, PRS can provide all the assistance and advice you'll need.

   Remote/Location Recording.  
  PRS has a portable Pro Tools mobile recording studio with top quality engineer that is available for hire. Using the latest Pro Tools system you will be able to select a venue that suits your needs and have the studio come to you. With so many options in the mobile recording service we suggest a call to the office to discuss your specific requirements.